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Your homepage should give me a good overview of what your business does, and more importantly, what it means for me. Make sure your most important services are easily found on this page and don't try to cram too much onto the page - keep it simple and easy for me to find what I'm looking for.


I want to know your services are focused on me – what I need and what I want. Show me how you’re going to fit around me, and not make me fit around you.


Explain to me how you’re going to help – how you’ll make it easy, how it’ll be simple, or how no one is as comprehensive as you.


What services do you offer?


Tell me more about you

Square Square

Demonstrate your empathy


What do you want me to know? Give me confidence to read further – tell me how comprehensive it is, how it’ll give me what I need. I want to be persuaded.


I might need a number of services related to the same issue – use this to tell me about them. Give me the knowledge that you can take care of all of it for me – I’ll be impressed if you can.


I need to know I can trust you. Tell me how professional; reliable; honest and trustworthy you are so I’m sure.

Tempt me into your site with specifics of how I’ll benefit from using your business. Amaze me with how my life will be transformed by you, and what I’m  missing out on.

If your business can offer me a large range of services, tell me about them.


Show me how comprehensive your business is by offering me a few links to service pages


What do you want me to know? Give me confidence to read further

Show me that you know how I feel. That you’ve done this hundreds of times and you can handle anything that comes up.


I need to know you empathise with me. Make me feel secure that you’ll take care of everything and I don’t need to worry.

I need to trust you so show me you’re the best people for the job. Prove how professional you are with examples of your work, happy customers and facts about the service I’ll receive.